5 Things I Love About My Local Library

intro-love-libsThese are just a few things I love about my local Elkhart Public Library.

  1. The ability to place a hold online for a book;
  2. Emails alerting me my book holds are now available to pick up at my favorite branch;
  3. Emails reminding me to renew or return the books I have checked out (the renewals of which I can do on my couch in my pajamas);
  4. Crazy-awesome services like Mango Languages (free online language learning tool) and Learn4Life (free online courses); and
  5. The super-nice staff who are always ready to hear or offer a recommendation on a book.

Want to give a shout out to YOUR local library? Go for it.

(P.S. We partner with over 3,000 libraries. See what services we have to offer here.)

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  1. My local library is entirely volunteer-run. The town tried to close it years ago, but everyone pulled together to reopen it purely on donations and generously-given volunteer services. Local businesses got in on it, too, and we now have a small but wonderful library just five minutes away.

  2. Not much…..I live outside of the city limits and have to pay to use the library.

  3. 1. Books
    2. Uncluttered tables to spread out my stuff.
    3. A comfortable temperature, warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside.
    4. Bright light to read by.
    5. Quiet!

  4. In another life, I’ve been a librarian! Best job? working in a public library, reading stories to people, helping every aged person find a book they will love, winkling out the strangest pieces of information, the look on someone’s face when they’ve been introduced to a database…now I’m a user- magazines, classes, audiobooks…al the things I can use without having to buy…The world is a better place for the presence of the library.

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