Impact Recap: $15 Million and beyond

intro-beyond-15Last week, that ticker at the top of crossed over the $15 million mark for funds raised for literacy. Let’s reminisce about how far we’ve come together, and imagine how much farther we can go.

  • That $15 million raised for literacy includes $8 million in funding for libraries, and $7 million for our nonprofit literacy partners.
  • With your help, we have donated over 10 million books globally to nonprofits like Feed the Children and Books for Africa, and other organizations. (In fact, we had our biggest donation week recently.)
  • Your support has also enabled us to award grants each year to libraries and nonprofits to fund education & literacy projects in communities around the world—better known as our LEAP Grants (Literacy and Education in Action Program).

Funds over time raised for Literacy

And let’s not forget our impact on the planet around us, too.

  • Together, we’ve kept about 115 million books out of landfills by collecting books, running book drives, selling books online, donating, and recycling.
  • To date, we have generated over 39,000 tons of carbon offsets thanks to our customers selecting to carbon balance their shipments for just a few extra cents.

We’ve already said thanks for your support. So now it’s time to see how much more we can do by purchasing books online. Be sure to bookmark our Impact Page to keep tabs on our (and your) progress!

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