The 10 best literary pumpkins from the Internet

intro-pumpkinsMany readers enjoy Halloween as a time to express their love of literature through the time-honored tradition of jack-o-lantern carving, ranging from the classics to the contemporary.

Indeed, here are a handful of examples of people illuminating (ahem) some of their favorite reads for trick-or-treat season.



1. The Raven
nevermoreQuoth the person who spent countless hours carving individual letters: “Never again.” (Found here.)


2. The Headless Horseman
headlesshorsemanDue to extreme headlessness, it is unclear if this is the Christopher Walken version or otherwise. (Found here.)


3. Oedipus and the Sphinx

oedipusThebes: the worst place to go trick-or-treating ever. (Found here.)


4. Alice in Wonderland

aliceThis Mad Hatter isn’t out of his gourd. (Sorry.) (Found here.)


5. You’re a pumpkin, Harry!

hpotterAs it turns out, the internet has no shortage whatsoever of Harry Potter themed pumpkin-work. The glasses made this one the best. See also here and here. (Found here.)


6. A (literal) literary pumpkin

bookpumpkinCurve ball! That’s another way to go about showing off your book fandom. Be advised that this method does make the story significantly more difficult to read. (Found here.)


7. Max-O-Lantern

wildthingsYou say Halloween party, we say “wild rumpus.” (Found here.)


8. The Eye of Sauron

sauronHalloween is pretty much the only holiday the Dark Lord Sauron can really get into. (Found here.)


9. Sherlock Holmes

sherlockThe iconic silhouette of the world’s greatest detective. Deductive reasoning not included. (Found here.)


10. Daenerys Targaryen

daenerysRemember that scene in Game of Thrones when they burn the Mother of Dragons, and all that remains is perfectly toasted pumpkin seeds?  (Found here.)


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