Introducing Book Bundles

intro-bundle-twilightWe’d love to introduce you to our brand new Book Bundles, groups of books that we can offer together at huge discounts. Our website now has the ability to let you add them all with one click, so no need to go hunting for each and every one and checking to see if it’s the right version. (Note: Bundles are not yet available outside of the U.S., but hopefully we will be able to offer them internationally in the future if there is enough interest.)

We thought we’d try rolling out this sparkly new functionality with The Twilight Saga, all four entries into the Stephenie Meyer’s teen drama that turned a new page in young adult fiction (and also skinny jeans).

But why Twilight? Why now? A few reasons:

    • Back during the initial hubbub around the series, before all your Divergents and Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments…es… there was a veritable flurry of lending and borrowing these things. Do you even know where all your copies are? If not, the only way to be sure is to purchase them all again.


  • It’s been a little while since the originals, so it’s time to read it all again for the first time. That sentence doesn’t really make sense, but we’re standing by it.



  • Or maybe you want to gift this epic to a young reader just now discovering the joys of reading, and/or of glittering vampires. Perhaps you even want to convert them to Team [insert your character of choice here… we wouldn’t dare presume].



  • Hey, it’s just $9.50 for the entire thing.


Whatever your reason, we invite you to check out our new Bundle page today. Please note that this is not a boxed set. And if Twilight’s not exactly your thing,  subscribe to Bundle alert emails to ensure you never miss a Bundle announcement.

Let us know in the comments what kind of bundles you might like to see in the future!

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