The Bookbug Early Years Programme

The Bookbug Early Years programmeI’m so lucky to work at Better World Books as it gives me an almost unlimited supply of children’s books at my fingertips at great prices. However, there are plenty of children who don’t have such great access to books, which is why I think that the Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug Early Years programme is fantastic!

The National Literacy Trust 2012 Annual Literacy Survey of Children’s and Young People’s Reading found that children and young people are reading less and believe that their parents don’t care if they spend time reading. So getting free books from the Scottish Book Trust really helps to encourage parents to read to their children from birth up until children reach Primary 1 when parents and children are then encouraged to read together through the school system. So here’s what the Bookbug programme includes:

  • Baby pack: This is gifted to all Scottish families via the Health Visitor within baby’s first year and includes among other thing 2 sturdy board books, a CD of songs and nursery rhymes, a small book that clips on to a buggy and a Play Talk Read DVD all in a canvas bag.
  • Toddler Pack: Gifted by the Health Visitor when toddler is between 1 and 2 and includes 2 books, a drawing pad and crayons in a canvas bag.
  • Pirate Pack: Gifted at nursery when child is 3. A small canvas bag which includes colouring pencils, a set of postcards, a drawing and activity pad and 2 pirate themed books.
  • Primary 1 Family Pack: Gifted to every Primary 1 pupil in Scotland. This includes 3 picture books, a book from Road Safety Scotland and a book from Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

As well as these gifts, Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug programme also includes FREE Bookbug sessions which include fun-filled stories, songs and rhymes for parent and children up to 4 years of age. They are held at local community centres or local libraries.

I feel very lucky, as a parent of two that I get such easy access to books! For more information on the Scottish Book Trust and their Bookbug programmes or to find a free Bookbug session in your area visit

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