The ICSC Foundation: Giving Back to Communities

intro-icsc-lotWhat would you do with a million books? The ICSC Foundation (International Council of Shopping Centers) knows their answer. As a nonprofit organization on a mission to give back to communities where its member shopping centers are located, the ICSC Foundation’s values were well aligned with our own. We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the ICSC Foundation, in which the ICSC Foundation will become one of our newest Drop Box beneficiaries.  The icing on the cake is that Better World Books will donate up to a million books to help further support the ICSC Foundation’s mission to educate the next generation of leaders.

How much is a million books? Going by weight alone, the amount of donated books could weigh over 814,000 lbs. That’s just a little less than the weight of 2 Statues of Liberty!

As one of our newest education allies, the ICSC Foundation will receive a portion of sales generated by books collected at ICSC Foundation-designated Drop Boxes.  While the ICSC Foundation works to promote altruistic community outreach, provide educational opportunities, and encourage philanthropic giving within the industry, they will utilize the on-going commission from Better World Books to fund scholarships, education programs, and literacy initiatives.  You can see why it’s a perfect match!

“Our mission is to encourage the shopping center industry to respond to the needs of their communities,” said Norris Eber, chairman of the ICSC Foundation. “It is my hope ICSC members will hear this call to action and join us in becoming a global literacy ambassador by hosting a Better World Books Drop Box.”

Better World Books looks forward to sharing in the ICSC Foundation’s success as we make a difference in communities around the world!


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  1. Hello,
    I live on the island of Negros of the Philippine. We gather and ship school text books as apart of our ministry to help on this island. We ship by container from Joplin, Mo. and will be shipping this January 2014. We need more text books and English dictionaries! Can you help?
    Paul and Mary Wilson
    479 936 1413

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