Why A Book Is The Best Christmas Gift

Photo credit: Suzanne on FlickrChristmas season is here, which, intermingled with festive decorations, delicious cooking, and time with family and friends, brings the stress of gift shopping. It is not always stressful; some people are the gift-buying equivalent of Dumbledore and intuitively know the hidden wants and needs of all around them. Most of us normal folk, though, find ourselves at the entrance of Target staring dumbstruck into the tidal wave of gift options with no clue where to begin. The answer is an easy one: you can buy all of your gifts in one section! The best and most important gift that you can give this season is a book.

(Photo credit: Suzanne from Flickr)

Some see books as a lame gift, but avid readers know better. How many other gifts offer countless options for each type of person, can hold one’s attention for longer than a few minutes, and can lead to further interest in the gift? Books take the reader on an adventure in a way that is different than the way a movie can. In a book you get to use your imagination to fill in the pieces that the author leaves out, see the characters how you want to see them, and explore a story in more depth. In a movie, you walk a path with your steps planned and your view restricted; in a book, the path is well marked, but leaves you to see all around.

So there is no need to travel as far as Mordor in search of gifts for everyone. That will only lead you to an unhappy place called Mount Doom. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Better World Books is the best place to buy books, and they happen to be online. They will deliver those books to your doorstep or the doorstep of the intended recipient, and your purchase will help give people around the world a chance to read and fall in love with books, too. A Christmas gift doesn’t get much better than that!


Molly MaloneMolly Malone is a first year student at the University of Georgia majoring in Business and International Affairs. She enjoys learning languages, reading during every spare moment, and eating too much delicious food.


  1. So, granddaughter, what’s this years pick for the geek who likes non fiction math and science books – and puzzles – lots of puzzles?

    By the way, this recommendation is very well written.

  2. Michelle Bice says:

    I have given books as gifts for many years, especially to my children (ages 13 and 9). I believe books are definitely some of the best gifts to give and receive. I am happy to have passed this thought to my children, the same as my Mom passed to me.

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