10 great moments from 2013

10 great moments from 2013What a year! Thanks to you and lots of other socially-conscious consumers, literacy lovers, and book-thirsty readers out there, we crossed over a heap of milestones during 2013. We figured that, given the timing, we’d count them down from 10.

10. March: Books Between Kids hugely exceeded their goals when they linked up with us for a massive book donation.

9. April 1st: It was revealed that there were more uses for our Book Drop Boxes than previously thought.

8. April 14th: We crossed over the 100,000 Likes milestone on Facebook.

7. May 1st: 10 million books donated to literacy, with much thanks to our community for sharing the books they no longer needed.

6. May 2nd: 50,000 Children’s Book Giveaway in Mishawaka, Indiana. Check out the photos from this incredible book giveaway on our Facebook photo album.

Ride for Reading5.  September 19th: The Ride for Reading Interbike delivery event, where cyclists shut down a street in Las Vegas to deliver books via bike to kids who needed them. See the photos here, and Ride for Reading founder Mathew Portell’s blog post here.

4. October 4th: Our biggest book donation week ever (at least, so far). We broke our own record, sending 291,702 books during the week.

3. October 15th: Celebrating $15 million raised for literacy and libraries. Every book you purchase from us helps fund global literacy efforts, and this was a great day to look at how far your support has carried this initiative.

2. October 15th: Also celebrating 115 million books saved from landfill. We think that many used books have plenty of life left in them, if we can only get them into the hands of people who want or need them. Not only that, but books bought or received by readers are kept from taking up space in a landfill.

1. December 18th: Lots of books given to kids at Santa’s Castle in Storm Lake, Iowa. We donated 5,300 books to this effort as kids visited Santa and received their books. Call us crazy, but it just feels like it fits the spirit of the season.

And we’re not just tooting our horn. You make our impact possible, and we have you to thank for buying books the best way you can online.

Thank you again. Here’s to a great 2014.

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  1. yeah, this yea was full of ups and down… thanks for providing such a nice blog..

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