Mary’s Textbook Tips for Student Shoppers: Part 2

Textbook TipLast Friday, we shared the first of a few pointers for students trying to get the right books before classes start. After a weekend of zenlike pondering on the subject, Mary is back with more sage guidance to help you navigate the tricky waters of the textbook shopping seas.

Are your books listed as a bundle? Here’s how to be sure you’re getting the right components.

Mary says:


“If the book you need is listed as a package or bundle, your school has put multiple items together and given them one ISBN that doesn’t exist outside of your school bookstore. Get the ISBNs off each individual item in the package or bundle. Purchasing used items individually can save you lots of money. You might also find that one component is almost never used in that particular course. It’s always smart to check with your professor before choosing to not purchase any particular required text.”


(Buying textbooks today? Here, take these with you. You’ll need them. Blogspoilers!)

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