Mary’s Textbook Tips for Student Shoppers: Part 3

Textbook Tip

As textbook season continues, the tips, much like the show, must go on!

Reflecting on our own collective experiences shopping for textbooks in our college days—which, having oodles of employees, were varied, various, and variegated—we sure wish we’d had this kind of mentor-like wisdom imparted to us to help our student budgets survive the season.

Tip #3 deals with custom publications published for individual schools. Mary says:


“If the book is a custom publication made by your school or has your school’s logo on it, there could be another edition similar enough that you won’t have to purchase it directly from your school’s bookstore. There are, however, some books published by professors of your college or university that you will likely only be able to get at your school bookstore. A quick search will tell you, however, if there is another book similar to the one that’s required. Again, gather the necessary information to make your search for the right item or it’s cheaper cousin easy: title, author, edition, and publication year.”


(Buying textbooks today? Here, take these with you. You’ll need them. Blogspoilers!)

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