Mary’s Textbook Tips for Student Shoppers: Part 4

Textbook TipDid someone order a Textbook Tip?

Tip #4 is all about being practical, and may have you kicking yourself. Are you 100% certain you have to use this exact edition? You might be able to save a pretty penny with a slightly older one, at which point you have our express permission to be “that guy” flaunting your low textbook expenditures in class.


Mary says:


“Always (always, always!) ask your professor if you can use an older edition. It’s true that some professors are sticklers for the right edition. But it’s surprising how many will let you use an older edition, and even give you ISBNs for any acceptable edition for the class. This can save you a ton of money. If you can’t get the ISBNs of any older editions, but your professor is okay with you using one, use title and author searches to find what you need.”


(Buying textbooks today? Here, take these with you. You’ll need them. Blogspoilers!)

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