Thank you for B-ing the change.

B the ChangeYou could buy your books from anywhere. So why choose Better World Books?

To be certain, cost is a consideration. But beyond the free shipping, competitive pricing, and delightfully-composed blog posts lies our true nugget of uniqueness. Every purchase you make with us helps the world learn to read, and this in turn fights poverty and lack of opportunity at their most fundamental levels around the world. Every purchase from us also helps steer our planet away from a future full of preventable landfill.

Some even better news: We’re just one of many companies using the power of business to tackle real problems in the world. As a certified B Corporation, we stand side by side with other organizations who are redefining success. Companies you’ve heard of, like Etsy, Ben and Jerry’s, Warby Parker, and many more.

When you purchase from a company, you tell them “Yes. This is how you should do business. I approve!” So we hope you’ll continue to “B the Change” that this planet and its occupants depend on. Find out how else you can have an impact at

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