Teacher of the Year 2014

intro-TFLThis year’s Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award, a recognition meant to highlight “the importance of a well-rounded education network,” and bring attention to a teacher’s efforts. For the first time in the award’s 17 year history, the recipient is a librarian—Elizabeth Atack of the Nashville Public Library, one of our own library partners. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

The award is given by Toyota and our longtime partners at the National Center for Families Learning, a nonprofit organization providing help to parents in supporting their children’s literacy and education, and is meant to

Additionally, as part of the Toyota Family Learning Grant Program, our partners at the Houston Public Library became one of five organizations to win a three-year grant totaling $175,000 in addition to other support from NCFL including training, learning items, and other materials. It’s worth noting that the Houston Public Library system previously won a $15,000 grant from Better World Books, and we are happy to see their continued success.

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