Happiness is…

intro-camphappiness2A warm puppy?
The scent of lavender?
A laundr-o-mat at your library?

Whatever it is to you, we’ve had a lot of happiness going around Better World Books these days. What with employees dancing to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” song, International Happiness Day (it was March 20th, coincidentally, also the first day of Spring), and supporting the Anythink Libraries’ Camp Happiness exhibit at the Public Library Association conference in Indianapolis this month, you’d think we’d be close to happied out.

Not so, my friends! Did you know that one of the sure-fire ways to get happy is to be generous? (And you know how much we love to donate books and raise funds to support literacy!) Inspired with happiness and generosity, Better World Books was able to donate 100 happiness-related books to the Camp Happiness exhibit to be given to attendees at PLA.


Camp Happiness’s goal was to inspire libraries to be creative about providing interactive spaces; encouraging, creating, and responding to culture; and finding ways to keep library customers happy and coming back for more. They had happy scents like lavender and pine to happify your senses. They helped you send happy postcards to people whom you love. And with our help, they gave away happy books! (I mean, really?! Free books! What could be happier than that?)

We were thrilled (you could say “happy,” even) to be able to collaborate with Anythink to make PLA a happier place. Thank you for the opportunity, Camp Happiness!

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