See This School’s Shelves Fill Up With Books

intro-fondrenYou may already know about Book for Book, a program that lets us donate a book to someone who needs it every time you purchase one from You may even know that we’ve donated over 12 million books so far. But sometimes it doesn’t feel real unless you see it for yourself.

So here are some visuals of just one location that your purchases are supporting.

W.W. Fondren Elementary in Houston, Texas needed books badly. They serve a student population of about 480 students, 98% of whom are on on Free/Reduced Lunch status.



The school’s library only had about 200 or 300 books–so few, in fact, that no one was using the library. “My students have not checked out books in over 5 years, due to the lack of books in our library,” says school counselor Karmen Smith.


Well, late last  year, one shipment changed that.


We shipped a book donation of approximately 4,500 books last November, to help fill up those shelves. Just see for yourself:


“The shelves in our library are full of books for our students to read,” says Karmen, adding, “Our students can now be successful on our campus for the 2013-2014 year.”

Just one of many day-to-day shipments to libraries, schools, and nonprofits helped by your support.


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  1. Shocking that Houston ISD would allow the library to end up with no books. How did this even happen? Great job BWB for shipping them thousands 🙂

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