5 Must-See Attractions at Better World Books World

intro-bwbwBy now, you’ve no doubt heard the announcement about our literary amusement park Better World Books World, where great reads make great rides. So when you look up the location closest to you, be sure to visit these great attractions based on famous works:

1. Melville Mayhem

This nautical-themed ride is a thrilling twofer featuring elements of Moby Dick as well as Billy Budd, Sailor. When you round up your crew and hop aboard, you’ll really be impressed! (Note: Please no harpooning, fisticuffs, or scrivening.)

2. Starship Shakespeare

You know how that other theme park has that big silver dome that you ride through and take a slow-moving tour of the history of man? This is like that, but even slower, and with animatronic scenes from each one of the bard’s works (yes, even Titus Andronicus), and the whole thing is in iambic pentameter.

3. The Darcy Dash

Yes, the rumors you’ve heard are true—there is, in fact, a dress code for this roller coaster. This applies to all Jane Austen attractions, including Ride and Prejudice and the Mansfield Parkway. Why? Because sandals and shorts simply wouldn’t be proper. However, we offer extra cummerbunds, cufflinks, and dinner gloves at the cloakroom. If needed, just ask the nearest butler.

4. The Parking in Lot 49

Technically, you can’t miss this one, because it’s what we named our parking area. But we needed 5 things in this list, and we were in a pynch.

5. Classic Sci-Fi Spectacular

Feeling geeky, and proud of it? This wing of the park has something for everyone. Electric sheep (shhh, they’re sleeping), a Tralfamadorian zoo, tripod races, the Psychohistory Museum (audio-tour is available, but hoo boy is it loooooong), and a Morlock dance-off. Visit the gift shop to get your mini-monolith keychain, or a T-shirt that reads “My Homeworld Was Destroyed By Vogons And All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt.”


And that’s just the beginning! We hope to see you soon at Better World Books World. Until then, be sure to let us know in the comments what literary rides YOU would like to visit.

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