Michelle Dudash’s Virtual Book Club Part 1: Clean Eating for Busy Families

intro-michelledudashWe recently announced our first virtual book club, hosted by the author of Clean Eating for Busy Families, registered dietitian nutritionist and chef consultant, Michelle Dudash. Here’s a glimpse at part 1 of the book club:

Hi all! Hopefully by now you’ve all dived into reading my book Clean Eating for Busy Families. If not, it’s pretty easy to at least peruse the introductory chapter on clean eating.

What are your thoughts so far about Clean Eating for Busy Families?

The number one question I hear is, “What is clean eating?” Clean eating is enjoying whole foods in their least processed state, as well as opting for in-season food produced as close to home as possible, whether that means in your country, region, state, nearby farmers market or even your back yard.

What does clean eating mean to you?

 Read the rest at MichelleDudash.com to find the answer to this question (and more!) and follow along in the book club.


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