Here’s What Giving Away 50,000 Books Looks Like

intro-50k-atlOn April 19th, we gave away 50,000 children’s books at KIPP STRIVE Academy in Atlanta, GA. The turnout was overwhelming: young readers hungry for reading material, parents who were thrilled to get a box of books for their kids, teachers stocking up on books for their classrooms, and individuals collecting specific age-group reads to distribute at their church or nonprofit organization.

Here are just a few images from this incredible event.

(All images courtesy of our photographer, Sonya Yim.)


illus-50k-atl-04Let’s go to the Zoo!


illus-50k-atl-06Showing off some great finds from the Giveaway.



Browsing just one of a number of tables at the event.


illus-50k-atl-08These kids love getting books!


illus-50k-atl-09Many visitors couldn’t wait to get home to start reading.


illus-50k-atl-10Sifting, sifting, sifting.



Filling up boxes from the tables, which were organized by age-appropriateness.



The Kindergarten through 2nd tables were extremely popular!



Kids looking for their next read together.


illus-50k-atl-15An overhead view of the facility.


illus-50k-atl-16Could this be the moment one young reader becomes a future astronaut?


illus-50k-atl-17“Sure mom, I’ll help in a second….”


illus-50k-atl-18The 5th – 6th grade level was running low before long!



Care for a bookmark? With all those books, it looks like you might need it!


illus-50k-atlIf you can carry it, you can take it home.


We want to extend a HUGE “Thank You” to our volunteers and coordinators, KIPP STRIVE Academy for hosting the space, the MBA students at Emory’s Goizueta Business School, and of course everyone who came out to get lots of children’s books to nurture the love of reading at home or to distribute into their communities. Thank you for helping to make a more literate and book-loving future, and for supporting literacy in the Atlanta community.

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