Sending Books to the Library in Alexandria

intro-lib-alexandriaHistory trivia time! What structure was built by Ptolemy, burned by Caesar, and will soon be receiving a book donation thanks to your support? Indeed—that would be the Library of Alexandria.

Although today the library is very much alive and well, its legacy endures as a symbol of lost knowledge after its destruction in the first century BC (although sources differ on the timeline). Plutarch writes that, during Caesar’s civil war, “…when the enemy tried to cut off his fleet, he was forced to repel the danger by using fire, and this spread from the dockyards and destroyed the great library.” (Source)

A load of books, ready to go.

Fast forward to this week when employees of Better World Books and Books for Africa, the largest shipper of text and library books to the African continent, fired up the forklifts and loaded up a shipping container full of books to donate to the library.

illus-lib-alexandriaPaco loads more books onto the container.

If you have ever purchased a book from us or given one back into a book Drop Box, you deserve thanks for making this book donation happen, and for helping to replenish one of the most important libraries in all of history.

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