Story Time From Space

intro-storytime-from-spaceOn January 9, 2014, five children’s books were launched into space. Their destination: the International Space Station. At this very moment, they are circling over your head every 90 minutes at a speed of about 17,000 mph.

But what are astronauts doing with children’s books? Reading them to the children of earth, of course!

“Story Time From Space interweaves two of the basic educational building blocks: reading and science to develop interest and strengthen skills in both literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)” says the program’s Kickstarter page. Astronauts are currently reading these books from aboard the ISS to the children of earth, and recording the videos for use in terrestrial classrooms. Future goals include setting up science demonstration experiments to perform in the videos that will tie in directly with classroom curricula.

You can support Story Time From Space by backing them on Kickstarter and liking them on Facebook. And the book pictured above—one of Astronomer and Author Jeffrey Bennett’s stories about the adventures of Max the dog in space—is available on our website. (Earth shipping addresses only, please.)

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  1. Thanks to Better World Books for all your efforts to put books in the hands of children in need around the world. Hopefully my books and the Story Time From Space program can add to your great work.

    Jeffrey Bennett

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