What Book Would You Send Your Younger Self?

intro-WBWYSYYSKnowing what you know, and having read what you’ve read… if you could send one book back to your younger self, what would you send?

We’ve all read a book that struck us with its wisdom, beauty, or just plain wow factor. Something that made us think “Where was this when I was [insert age here]?”

Would you send your younger self a work of fiction? Nonfiction? A textbook, even? What age of “Younger You” would you send it to?

We’ve gotten a few responses so far, and have been talking about it around the Better World Books office as well. And now we want to know what your answer is!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Record a short video on your phone or webcam with your answer, and post it to YouTube, Vine, or Instagram.
  2. Click here when you’re ready to submit it. (Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already.)
  3. On the page, click Enter at the top right and submit your video.
  4. Then click Vote at the top right to view other people’s submissions, share them on social media, or vote for the best one.

There’s no prize aside from getting lots of viewers to your video, but we’ll definitely watching closely and re-sharing notable submissions on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to find out what you choose!

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