Carson Scholars Fund Reading Room Donation

intro-carsonscholarsWe have outgoing book donations in support of literacy and education at all times, but we wanted spotlight this one to let you know about it. We’ve just sent over 2,500 books to the Carson Scholars Fund, an organization that funds reading rooms for schools around the country that are “warm, inviting rooms where children can discover the joy of independent leisure reading.” There are 100 Ben Carson Reading Rooms in 14 different states so far, and counting.

From the website:

A seventh grader named Sandy said the following about her school’s Ben Carson Reading Room, “When I first started to read the books for older kids from the [Ben Carson Reading Room] Library, I was astonished. Every novel I picked up, I couldn’t put down nor away. For once in my lifetime I can say, ‘I want to read!’ I’m eager to go to every library period to wonder and hope that there are new books.”

You can see why an organization like the Carson Scholars Fund is such a good fit. And now your purchases at have helped support them.

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