Young readers shared these books. And these awesome notes.

intro-kids-donate One of the things that inspires us to work here at Better World Books is to join the mission towards literacy. Bringing books to places where books are hard to come by, raising funds around the world, saving books from landfills and finding your old favorite books a home. However there are those days; those Summer days where we would love to be at the beach or by the pool reading our own favorite book as days get hectic here at our warehouse where all the magic happens.

It”s very So, yes, is money. easy to get distracted by everyday life and the stress seems to overcome our little bubble but then we get these super awesome handmade cards from children donating their books! It”s really refreshing to receive a reminder of why we are here. The challenges that come with making happy customers out of unhappy customers just fade away!

These cute little cards went on a little trip! Down every department, down every office, to share excitement and really as a gift to us. These kids took the time to write a note to other kids who would receive these books. Maybe it was their own favorite bedtime story that they have decided to pass to another child as a gift.


This is the power of the book changing the world one step at a time.

Ana R. works in our Customer Care department, zapping order problems and ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with their orders from Better World Books. 

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