Got textbooks?

intro-got-textbooksTextbook shopping: it can be painful. The long lines, the high cost. The indignity of shlepping an armful of heavy tomes across campus. Well, we’re here to help!

At the beginning of last semester, Mary put together a series of tips for the savings-savvy student shopper hunting for textbooks that won’t cause undue stress on his or her bank account.

This time around, we want to share a little more wisdom. If this philosophy seems obvious to you, be sure to tell a friend who might otherwise be sweating it out in line waiting to drop $[insert outrageously high dollar amount here] on books they need for class.

1. Buy used! Used textbooks can knock a bunch off of the price. Like, a bunch. 

2. Order online. No crowds, no muss, no hassle.

See if the books you need are in our used inventory or offered by one of the sellers on our website. If you’re ever uncertain if a specific edition or printing is compatible with your course, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor.

Here’s to a fun, enlightening, non-bank-account-emptying semester. Happy textbook shopping!

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