LEAP Grants UK: Last chance to vote!

intro-leap-grantsThere are only a few hours left to vote for the £5,000 recipient of our 2014 Nonprofit LEAP Grant for UK & Europe. So be sure to vote today and share the finalist you vote for with your friends to maximize their chance of winning.

So what happens next for LEAP Grants?

For the next few days, we will be validating our vote data and contacting our finalists to let them know the results. Once we’ve gotten in touch with the winner of the vote, we’ll share all our vote recipients here on the blog sometime next week.

(As a quick reminder, that will be at least three total grant recipients—one nonprofit organization and at least one library both selected by our Literacy Council, and one nonprofit voted on by YOU.)

After that introduction, we’ll begin posting content to help you get to know our winners, so you can learn about the people who benefit when you purchase a book from us.

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