105 Fan-Fiction Titles That Probably Exist

Fan-Fiction That Probably ExistsIf you are reading this, then you probably saw our big announcement today, April 1st, 2015. (If not, be sure to read it first here.) Or, perhaps you already knew that Fan-Fiction is the next big movement in our planet’s millennia-spanning obsession with the written word. A third option is that you are here because you feel like the big publishers have failed to make good on Cake Boss’s adventures through time.

No matter what brought you—welcome, fellow Fan-Fiction Fan. Here is a great big list of Fan-Fiction titles that have almost definitely been written, just to give you a tiny taste of the unfathomable vastness of this super-genre.

Q: Why not look them up and link to them?
A: You know how there’s an app for everything you can conceive of? Well, Fan-Fiction is like that, but without the barrier to entry. If you can imagine a topic for Fan-Fiction, there’s a 99% chance that it already exists, and a 1% chance that you’re about to write it. You’ll find it… or it will find you.

Anyway, on with the very real list of probably real titles!

Miscellaneous Titles


Pride and Pokémon

Keeping Up With The Karamazovs

Pacific Grimm: Tall Tales

The Color Purple, Although Now I’m Thinking It’s Gold

1Q84 Book 2: 1Q85

Sense and Sensibility and Sea-monsters and Samurai and Shaolin Monks

Brangela’s Ashes

That 1700s Show

Lady Chatterly’s Tinder

How Flaubert Got His Groove Back

The Sound And The Mild Consternation

10 Things I Hate About Lemony Snicket

Moby-Richard: Growing Up Nautical

As I Lay Planking

A Selfie of the Artist as a Young Man

The Screwtape Tweets

M. Night Shyamalan’s Oliver Twist

Atlas Meh’ed

The Instagram Account of Dorian Gray

Their Eyes Were Watching The Voice

The Importance Of Being Earnest Except In Job Interviews, On First Dates, Or When Stopped For Speeding


The World of Harry Potter


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Seacrest

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Seagrams

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Spoilers

Harry Potter and the Magic Wand that Shoots The Most Radical Lazers

Harry Potter and the Other Chamber of More Secrets

Harry Potter and the Order of the Deathly Half-Philoso-Phoenix… of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Deathly Cast of The Walking Dead Season Three

Harry Potter by J.K. Simmons

The Best Little Horcrux In Texas

The Five People You Meet In Hogwarts



Crossover Central



50 Shades of Glee

America’s Next Top Hobbit

Bleak House, M.D.

Timelords of the Rings

The Bluest Jedi

The Fault In Our Stargate

Gone Girl With The Wind

Horton Hears Dr. Who!

Don’t Trust the Sneetch In Apartment 23

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Green Gables

Jane Eyre Bud

It’s Always Sunny In Terabithia

Magic: The Wuthering

Tess of D’Smallville

Chuck and the Chocolate Factory

The Girl With the Eragon Tattoo

One Han-dred Years of Solo-tude (Magic Realism in the Star Wars Extended Universe [Non-Canon])

The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald


Edge of Tomorrow: Eat Pray Love Die Repeat

Doge Quixote: Such Imagination, Very Windmills, Wow.

CSI: Mordor

Forgetting Ivan Denisovich

The Princess Peach Diaries

El Ciddhartha

Pygmarillion: (“Just you wait, ‘Enery Baggins!”)

Dr. Seuss’s The Cat With The Dragon Tattoo

Morlock Holmes

Batman v. Superman v. Hamlet: Dawn of Justice

Aquaman On Dune: Dune Is A Harsh Mistress

Narnia vs. Middle-earth: Fellowship of the Wardrobe

Narnia vs. Middle-earth: Prince Caspian vs. Aragorn: Royal Rumble

Narnia vs. Middle-earth: Frodo Rides A Lion Into The Sweetest Fantasy Battle Ever

On THE ROAD: A Cormac McCarthy and Jack Kerouac Mashup


Genre Remix

Jurassic Steampark

Sky Captain Bovary

Sookie Stackhouse’s Space Pirate Snafu

Catch XXII (Alternate History – The Carthaginian Chronicles, Book I)

Water For Armor-Plated Elephants (Alternate History – The Carthaginian Chronicles, Book II)

Hannibal Farm (Alternate History – The Carthaginian Chronicles, Book III)

Rome With A View (Alternate History – The Carthaginian Chronicles, Book IV)

Laughterhouse-Five, a comedy unstuck in time

David Lazerfield

Brony Bonanza!


Of Mares And Men, by John Steinbrony

A Moveable Horse, by Ernest Heming-neigh

Harry Trotter and the Goblet of Carrots

Les Horserables

The Canter-bury Tails

The Princess Bridle

Mr. Oedipus

A Midsummer Night’s Dressage

The Great Oatsby


A Good Mane Is Hard To Find

The Mount Of Monte Cristo

The Three Horseketeers

The Old Man And The Saddle

World War H





A Tale of Two Cities II: Liverpool Drift

Sequels & Prequels are Treated as Equals!

Tale of Two Cities II: Liverpool Drift

The Life of Pi2

Greater Expectations: Pip Goes West

Middlemarch: Origins

Middlemarch: Revelations

Middlemarch: Endmarch

Middlemarch Trilogy HD Remastered

The Middlemarch (Franchise Reboot)

The Corrections: 2 Correct 2 Furious

Heart of Even Darker Darkness: The Re-darkening



A Smattering of Young Adult Fiction

Lord of the Flies: The College Years

The Thirst Games

Charlotte’s Weblog

Vampires Ate My English Boyfriend In The Rain

An Abundance Of Katnisses

To Kill A Mockingjay

The Absolutely True Dairy Of A Part-Time Bovine


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  




We have compiled a number of classic and probably existing Fan-Fiction covers below for your perusal. If you find one that you’re a fan of, please share it! We want to make sure that everyone remembers today—April 1, 2015—was the day that Fan-Fiction took over.



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