Read Aloud 15 Minutes

intro-read-aloudThe Buffalo & Erie County Public Library is kicking off a reading campaign called “2015 Read Aloud 15 MINUTES,” designed to encourage community members to take 15 minutes a day to read to children. The campaign unites libraries and community organizations who are willing to spread the word that reading aloud to a child from birth is the single most effective thing a parent can do to promote early literacy skills.

Join the library and more than 1,400 partner organizations in all 50 states that are working to spread one simple, powerful message: Read aloud 15 minutes. Every child. Every parent. Every day. 

Just imagine what a difference can be made if every child was able to get this kind of head start in literacy skills.

Want to help get the word out? Buffalo & Erie County Public Library also ask that other libraries participate by:

  • Joining BECPL for the official Read Aloud for 15 Minutes announcement on Tuesday, April 14th at 10 a.m.
  • Allowing the Library to provide you with posters/flyers to spread the word about the program.
  • Having a photo taken of you/ someone in your organization with your favorite children’s book, and emailing it back to me for use in Social Media.
  • Encouraging your patrons/constituents /students to participate in the community-wide effort by reading aloud.

Spread the word and have an impact on your community! Let us know in the comments if you’re participating, or if your library has a similar program.

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  1. The idea of reading aloud brings back horrible memories of my school days where I (and other kids) were forced to read out loud in front of the whole class. Something I hated!

    But parents doing it with their kids is a great idea 🙂

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