Name our Bookmobile!

bookmobile name isAs recently announced, we have acquired a book bus that will allow us to donate books to the communities around our Mishawaka, IN, warehouse (and hopefully a little further out). Learn more about our book bus here. Before we send the bus out to do its work, we need a to have something to call it. We asked our employees to submit their name suggestions and our leadership narrowed the choices down to two. We’re asking you to help us choose.

Please vote for your favorite name below:

What should we call our book bus?

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  1. Hard to choose! How about Paige Reed?

  2. If I could add a name adventure zone!

  3. Paige Turner
    Reed Paige
    Free Read (play on Free Ride)

  4. Abraham Mata says:

    Please name the bus FALKOR!!! As the flying dragon/dog from Neverending Story!!! Please!!! You have to!!!!! It makes perfect sense!!!

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