Employee Profile: Working Hard to Make a Difference

A glimpse inside the Mishawaka, Indiana warehouse where Megan Troeger workd.
A glimpse inside the Mishawaka, Indiana warehouse where Megan Troeger works.

Better World Books employee, Megan Troeger, has been with the company for two years working in a variety of positions in the Mishawaka, Indiana warehouse including shipping, shelving and now scanning. For Troeger, working at Better World Books has become more than a job. After she performed well in her position, Troeger was asked to help with mentoring other employees who were in training or struggling with their work. According to Troeger, she has been able to make a difference in how others in her department perform and that difference has impacted her as well.

“It’s how I’ve battled my depression is helping other people. It helps me to help them,” says Troeger.

Troeger thrives on helping other succeed. She says, “I’ve had a lot of [employees I’m working with] say ‘Megan, I just can’t do it. I can’t do it.’ and I say ‘Yes, you can. We’ll work you through this.’”

For Troeger, this relationship doesn’t end with a bit of help during training. She likes to keep track of people she’s worked with. She enjoys seeing them succeed and follows up with them if she notices their numbers are slipping. Helping others helps Troeger herself stay positive in her work to inspire a “can-do” attitude in those she works with.

In addition to her dedication at work, Troeger has enjoyed taking part in a variety of community outreach events through Better World Books’ volunteer time off program. She has volunteered in a variety of settings including a local school event for Halloween last year, a truck pull to raise funds for a local elementary school and cleaning kennels at the Homeward Bound Animal Rescue.

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