Better World Books opens third distribution center in Reno, NV

Since it was founded in 2002, Better World Books has raised $21 million dollars, donated 18 million books and reused or recycled almost 200 million books all to support literacy, libraries and education. Adding a third distribution center on the west coast will boost the company’s ability to do even more to help to support the 757 million adults who, per UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), still lack basic reading and writing skills.

Per the UIS, the number of children and adolescents who are out of school is on the rise. Better World Books, in cooperation with over 5,000 clients and partners, is uniquely designed to help reach those most in need. With every book they sell, a percentage of the sale supports a library or literacy initiative in the US or abroad and with every book purchased on the company donates one, book for book.

The opening of their 140K square foot distribution center in Reno, NV is a planned strategic expansion intended to increase their capacity to scale their triple-bottom line and process more books and media, helping serve more clients and customers with enhanced speed.

Dustin Holland, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Better World Books, says, “We believe in the power of knowledge. Our mission to bring literacy and opportunity to more people is directly tied to our ability to continue to scale the business. This expansion will create more jobs, raise more literacy funding, increase book donations, and deliver a better customer experience for our clients and customers in the region.”

The Reno, NV distribution center is staffing up with plans to be operational this month.

Christine Pfleckl, VP of Logistics and Operations for Better World Books states, “I’m looking forward to having a distribution footprint on the west coast. We’ve been warmly welcomed by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), the Washoe County School System and the Washoe County Library System, some of whom are current clients of Better World Books. This is a great opportunity to better serve our customers as well as make an impact locally on the west coast.”

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