Better World Books participates in “Literacy in America” campaign

Literacy in AmericaWe recently participated in MediaplanetUSA’s “Literacy in America” campaign which is being distributed in the centerfold of USA Today in New York, DC, Baltimore, San Francisco and Boston. The issue will bring awareness to the silent epidemic of literacy and taking steps to dispel the myths behind low literacy. Literacy in America aims to educate readers on the impact that literacy plays in our country. To be able to read, write and count contributes to an individual’s self-development, personal freedom and a better understanding of how to adapt to the constantly changing world.

At Better World Books, we work hard to promote literacy through a variety of projects. You can read more about how we do that at

The “Literacy in America” campaign was distributed within the centerfold of USA Today on December 4, 2015 and is published on a Mediaplanet original site. Visit the site to learn more:

Be sure to check out the discussion, “Panel of Experts: How We Heighten Literacy at Home” featuring Better World Books’ Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Dustin Holland.

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