2016 Reading Challenge

The new year is nearly upon us! Many of us set goals for the new year, and we thought we’d challenge everyone to a reading goal by putting together a list of various types of books to read. We hope you’ll use this list to explore new authors, genres and topics. Perhaps the list will bring you to reread a favorite, discover a new passion or finally get around to a book you’ve always wanted to read. We’re also inviting you to follow us on Goodreads so we can see everyone’s reading progress. There are no hard, fast rules to the challenge. If a book fits multiple categories and you want to check them all off, that’s fine. If you want to read one book for each challenge item, you can do it that way. (Note: one of the challenge items asks you to read more than one book.)

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting some recommended reading lists and letting you know which challenge they fulfill in case you need ideas. We’d also love to hear your recommendations for categories. The list is posted below and you can download a PDF Version here. Be sure to check in here or on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to let us know what books you’re diving into. Happy reading!


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