Press Release: Better World Books opens literacy grant applications for libraries and nonprofits


Better World Books opens literacy grant applications for libraries and nonprofits
Social enterprise to fund projects addressing literacy needs of communities across the country

MISHAWAKA, IN (February 9, 2016) – Better World Books announces their sixth-annual Literacy Grants for Libraries and Nonprofits. Libraries and nonprofit organizations can apply for funds to support their efforts to further literacy in their communities. As a Founding B Corporation, Better World Books has raised over $22 million to date for literacy causes worldwide.

Participants are selected using the following criteria:

  • Projects should address the literacy needs of underserved populations in their community. Literacy needs are defined by broadly identifying, understanding, interpreting, creating, communicating, and computing information to live a more fulfilling and productive life.
  • Projects that have a measurable and long term impact on an underserved population and will continue to operate after grant funds have been utilized will be looked upon favorably.

Libraries and nonprofits may pitch only one project each, with an award of $15,000 maximum for libraries and $5,000 for nonprofits. A total of $60,000 in funding is available. Organizations must clearly outline the project elements that require the requested funds. The Better World Books Literacy Council will review the projects. The Literacy Council will select library winners and nonprofit finalists. Nonprofit finalists will then be put to a public vote. Two nonprofit grant winners will be selected by vote and two will be selected by the Better World Books Literacy Council. The deadline for both library and nonprofit applicants is April 1, 2016 at 4:00 PM ET.  

“Better World Books believes in the power of knowledge; and from the very first book drive we shared what we earned with a nonprofit literacy partner.  Better World Books has always donated funds to support literacy, libraries and education locally and globally.  Thanks to those who supply to us and buy from us we are able to continue growing our support for those in need.” – Diane Maier, Director, Global Marketing and Literacy Council Chair.

Better World Books collects surplus books and sells them online, contributing a portion of the revenue to literacy causes. The Better World Books Literacy Grants draw from the pool of funds created by the sale of new books as well as those used books not earmarked for a specific cause.

To learn more about Better World Books’  literacy grants and to read about past winners, visit

About Better World Books

Better World Books ( is a for-profit social enterprise and a global e-retailer providing products and information to socially conscious consumers. Better World Books collects and sells new and used books online matching each purchase with a donation, book for book, and with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives in the U.S. and around the world. Since its founding in 2003, the Mishawaka, Indiana-based company has raised more than $22 million for libraries and literacy, donated 18 million books; reused or recycled over 200 million books and achieved 44,000 tons of carbon offsets through carbon balanced shipping.



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