Better World Books Donates 3,000 books on World Book Day

This year we held our 2nd World Book Day on Your Doorstep event. This year we wanted to welcome more members of the community and donate more books. We succeeded!

The event took place on Thursday 3rd March at the UK warehouse. We had 2 morning sessions for local schools. St John’s Primary and Camdean Primary both in Rosyth visited the warehouse and helped us to celebrate books and reading. The morning flew by with 120 Pupils and teachers joining us for fun activities. We had warehouse tours where the kids learned about the journey of the book from arriving at BWB to finding a new home, bookmark making, face painting and a presentation about The History of the Book.The kids also got to take away free books so they can enjoy the reading experience at home. Everyone got into the spirit of having fun and learning all about the books!

IMG_0331“The children, staff and parents had a fantastic fun and informative time.  Please also thank your team on our behalf as they put so much effort into ensuring that the children had such a positive experience. The morning was very well organised, educational and most enjoyable!” said Frances Fraser, Headteacher, St John’s Primary School.

In the afternoon we were open to the public and could not believe we had 206 visitors! They enjoyed crafts, face painting and warehouse tours but most of all they enjoyed the free kid’s books. We gave away 3075 books over the whole day.

To promote the afternoon session some staff volunteered on Saturday 27th Feb and Sunday 28th Feb to promote the event in the local shopping centre giving out balloons, flyers and free kids books. We gave away 1500 books over the 2 days.

Once again thanks to everyone that joined us and made it a fantastic day to celebrate World Book Day!

This post was written by Fran Smith, Manager, Direct Sales & Donations, Better World Books UK Team.

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