Introducing FitBookMRK™


In a digital world, anyone who enjoys reading real paper books — the best way to read — faces the constant struggle between actually reading and letting people know you are reading. Sure, you can mark pages read on your favorite reading social network. You can post weekend to-be-read lists on Twitter. You can film your monthly book hauls for your #Booktube channel. You can even snap a #shelfie for Instagram. However, posting real-time data while tracking, personalizing and planning your reading life can be cumbersome.

FitBookMRK™ makes reading simple again. The slim design functions as a bookmark while you aren’t reading and uses cutting edge Slapband™ technology to become a wrist wearable that tracks your vitals, sends alerts and helps you read better and, ultimately, live better. Visit our FitBookMRK™ page to learn more and preorder. Hurry, preorders are open for one day only!

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