Better World Books Boosts Senior Outreach Program

Bradford Library-Senior Outreach-#2The Bradford Area Public Library in Bradford, Pennsylvania offers a senior outreach program that serves senior citizens through assisted care homes, nursing homes and senior centers in the community. The program provides books to seniors offering them the gift of reading in a way that is simple and accessible for them.

The Bradford Area Public Library asks each reader for their desired genre and delivers books for them to read. Better World Books donated 15 cartons of books to the program in November and has donated over 1000 books to the program over time. These books allow the program to bring the transporting experience of reading to over 100 area seniors who may not otherwise be able to easily access books.

Outreach-Bradford Library #3A representative of the senior outreach program said, “We provide books to our seniors living in Assisted Care and Nursing Homes. Thanks to [Better World Books]’s generous donations, we have enough books to now outreach to the senior centers in our county. Books offer travel to worlds within worlds. The smiles indicate the joy each senior is getting through the gift of reading. Thank you so very much for your donations that support the seniors in our area. God Bless!”


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