Recommended Reads From Our Resident Librarian

by Vanessa Jones, Account Manager, Better World Books UK

I am an unashamed book nerd! Undoubtedly, this is because I am a Librarian, or it could because I am a book nerd that I became a Librarian! Needless to say all book nerds have an endless and ever growing list of books we want to read, and I have mine! So instead of keeping this list all to myself I thought I would share it with you through a monthly selection of recommended reads.

The books will be a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, sci-fi or fantasy, literary and maybe some young adult thrown in for good measure. They may be newly published, published some time ago or not yet be published. A real mixed bag!

Dip in, enjoy, unlock your imagination…

Harbor by Lorraine Adams


Aziz Arkoun, aged 24, travels to America aboard an Algerian tanker, but surviving in this new strange country reminds him of the dangerous homeland he left behind. Then Aziz discovers that he is under surveillance. Get a copy.

The Position by Meg Wolitzer


A novel about family and sex. Four children, aged from 6 to 13 become aware of a bestselling sex guide book written by their parents. The book brings fame and money and changes the family….how can a group of people growing up together end up so very different from one another. Get a copy.

When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan


Dylan Mint is a sixteen year old with Tourette’s. A routine appointment to the hospital changes everything. Dylan overhears that he’s going to die next March. So he grants himself three parting wishes. Get a copy.

City of Women by David Gilham


During the war Berlin has become a city of women. Sigrid Schroder is the exemplary soldier’s wife: she goes to work, limits her rations and respectfully cares for her meddling mother-in-law… but do appearances deceive. Get a copy.

The Informationist by Stevens Taylor


Born in central Africa to missionaries Vanessa “Michael” Munro, at the age of fourteen, becomes involved with a notorious gunrunner and earned the respect of the jungle’s most dangerous men, until she was forced to run. In Dallas, ten years later, she runs her own business providing expensive information. Against her better judgement she is drawn into the mystery of a missing girl and finds herself back in Africa…cut off from civilization and left for dead. Get a copy.

The Bones in the Womb by Patricia Tyrell


At the age of three, Cate, while camping with her parents, was abducted. Every year her mother gets a call to tell her that her daughter is alive and safe…and now she’s a teenager it’s time for her to go home. Get a copy.

Do you have any reading recommendations for us?

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