Books by State: Hawaii

The first item on the Better World Books 2016 Reading Challenge is to read a book set in your home state or region. Also, the summer vacation season is quickly approaching, which means you may be visiting new locales soon. What better way to prepare than by reading something about or set in that place? If physical travel isn’t on the menu, take some literary vacations to any place you’d like to go. Throughout the summer, we’ll be posting books set in each state. (If you live outside the United States, comment with your country or region and we’ll try to round up some books for place).

The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings


This sweeping tale of family, loss and discovery is also an award winning film.
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Name Me Nobody by Lois-Ann Yamanaka


Told from the perspective of 13-year-old Emi-Lou, this book chronicles her journey to figure out how she is and where she fits.
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Honolulu by Alan Brennert


A young bride-to-be travels to Hawaii in 1914 hoping for a better life but instead finding new struggles in her new home.
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