Better World Books Surpasses 75 Million Books Sold!

Listen, we try not to brag too much, but there are things we do every day here at Better World Books that we’re seriously proud of. We ship thousands of books everyday at great prices — you already knew that. We collaborate with our literacy partners like Books for Africa, Room to Read, National Center for Families Learning, and with thousands of library partners in half a dozen countries.  We ensure no book that comes through our facilities ever ends up becoming landfill, ever. We also check to make sure Wordsworth the Book Bus is gassed up and ready to respond to any book-related emergencies — you never know!

But there are some things that don’t happen every day. Milestones on this adventure of ours that make us stop and reflect on what we do here. Recently, Better World Books sold its 75th  Millionth Book! That’s beyond huge, and something we never could have imagined when we were just the humble hope of a couple of college kids looking for purpose in the world.

Today, the Company aims to mark the milestone by recognizing the tremendous accomplishment via a companywide celebration with over 500 associates.  As such, we are marking today, the 8th of February, as “75M Day”.  In addition, the Company is reaching out to its raving fans and customers around the globe with a special message in appreciation of their loyalty to  Furthermore, in honor of the achievement, Better World Books plans to recognize and reward the customer in Atlanta that placed the order that contained the 75th millionth book sold, and plans to recognize and reward the clients that supplied the books for reuse.  

Why is recognizing this so important? Because it’s the very foundation of everything we do here. Not only does it bring us joy to connect our loyal customers with fantastic books, but continuing to do so successfully drives forward our vibrant efforts in literacy efforts around the world. Our impact around the world is directly equated to the number of books we sell.  The more books we sell, the bigger our impact.

We genuinely couldn’t have done this without every person that has contributed to our belief that every person deserves access to great books, and that this mission can be accomplished sustainably through our unique business model. If you’ve ever bought a book or supplied a book to us, please know that you have our deepest, sincerest gratitude. Each of those 75 million books has been a step on that journey — thanks for coming along. Stick with us, we’ve got a lot more work to do with your help.

Of course, we couldn’t literally have done this without our 75 millionth-book customer in Atlanta!  We are working to share his story.  Stay tuned and please lend this lucky book buyer your virtual applause!

In the meantime, we are pleased to share the Order Details of the 75th Millionth Book Sold

(title / author; original book source and location):

Keep turning those pages!!

With Gratitude,

~Better World Books

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