The Better World Books Rewards Program

Do you find yourself constantly receiving book mail from Better World Books? Do you wish there was a way that you could be rewarded for your purchases? Now you can!

It’s simple, easy and free! Just sign in to your account and click the Rewards icon on the bottom right of the homepage to get started!

You’ll start earning points as soon as you sign up! And keep earning for every purchase, referring friends or simply by having a birthday!

Have questions? Find all of the information here or keep scrolling for the details.

ActionPoints Earned
Sign up for Better World Books Rewards25 points
Place an OrderPoints for every $1 spent
*dependent on tier
Follow Better World Books on Instagram25 points
Follow Better World Books on Twitter25 points
Like Better World Books on Facebook25 points
Celebrate a birthday150 points

Points EarnedRedeemable Coupon
500 points$5 off coupon
1,000 points$10 off coupon
2000 points$20 off coupon

TierAwarded UponPerks
BronzeSign-up8 points per dollar spent
SilverYou’ve spent $759 points per dollar spent
Exclusive offers
GoldYou’ve spent $20010 points per dollar spent
Exclusive offers
New ways to earn points

Do you have a friend who loves to read? Share our rewards program and you both can save. Share your unique URL for exclusive discounts.

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