5 Books for Lovers of Libraries

The Library Book

By Susan Orlean

This book tells the true story of the beloved Los Angeles Public Library’s struggle and recovery after the 1986 fire that damaged and ruined over 4,000 books.

The Midnight Library

By Matt Haig

This new release was a Good Morning America Book Club pick and follows Nora Seed as she discovers a library containing books that share each version of how her life could have turned out.

The Borrower

By Rebecca Makkai

A children’s librarian finds herself a kidnapper and kidnapped when her favorite patron, a 10 year old runs away from home. Follow along as the two embark on a life-changing road trip.

Bats at the Library

By Brian Lies

For our little library lovers, we offer up Bats at the Library, the story of tiny, nocturnal book lovers taking over the library at night.

Lost in the Library

By Josh Funk

Another choice for our smaller readers, Fortitude and Patience are lions that greet library visitors each morning. When Patience goes missing, Fortitude must find his best friend in the historical New York Public Library.

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