100 Million Books Sold: A Customer Story

When Hannah of New York ordered her first book from Better World Books back in March of 2019, she never imagined that she would become the customer to order our 100 millionth book sold. When she started shopping with us, it was while she was on the hunt to find some out-of-print titles, leading her to our site. But with so many options when ordering books, why did Hannah continue to choose Better World Books? Well, we asked, and her answers were simple what our brand is all about.

“I’ve become a loyal customer, drawn back by the great selection, excellent prices including free shipping, and by the little things: first-class customers service (including the charming emails written from the perspective of books); discounts when you buy multiple books; and the options to offset carbon when shipping and to donate to the Internet Archive.”

As Hannah became a parent, to a book-loving, one-year-old, it became important to her to pass along her love of reading and to have a wide variety of books available in her home for her growing family. But it wasn’t just her son whose library she was building. A friend of Hannah’s across the country also had a newborn, so they started a tradition, almost like penpals, sending books back and forth across the country for each other’s little ones (many of which came from us)!

“.[W]e appreciate how easy it is to find books from our own childhoods that new bookstores might not even have. It’s icing on the cake that may of the kids’ books BWB sells come from public libraries, which means the dust-jackets on hardcover editions are laminated and perfectly protected from curious and energetic little fingers.”

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, forcing many libraries to close, Better World Books became a source for Hannah to keep exciting books in the hands of her son. She also utilized our site to order books for her work as a writer, and of course a fun read here and there.

“The reasons that I choose to shop with Better World Books are the reasons that I love it. I believe in buying anything and everything secondhand, when possible, as a small way to contribute personally to environmental sustainability, not to mention save money– and also because I love objects that have history, of which books are a great example. As a lifelong avid reader, I derive great joy from being surrounded by books in my home.”

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