100 Million Books Sold: A Library Story

Many of the books we sell and donate each day are acquired by the over 4,000 library partners that choose to work with us. When we sold our 100 millionth book in April, we were eager to see how it had made its way to Better World Books. A Day at the Airport by Richard Scarry was donated by South Brunswick Branch Library and their Friends of the Library Group, a partner of Better World Books since 2009.

[t]he benefits [of working with Better World Books] are many, we are able to recycle items donated to our library and purchase new books with the steady stream of income provided by BWB. We love that BWB keeps these books from landfills by sending them out into the world.

Michelle Berger, South Brunswick Friends of the Library

To recognize South Brunswick Branch Library for assisting us in reaching this 100 million books sold milestone, we will be providing them a grant of $2,500. This grant was made possible through the Better World Books General Literacy Fund that underwrites BWB’s  donation initiatives. This fund, supported by global library clients, allows for libraries to support libraries and to increase their impact through their Better World Books partnerships.

“[Working with Better World Books] is fun and easy to do!”


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