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At Better World Books, we are passionate about more than just used books, we are also passionate about the global community of libraries that many of our used books are acquired through. 

Each year, we receive shipments of books that have been weeded from around 4,000 library clients across the globe. Now unless you’re a librarian or have spent a lot of time in libraries, you’re probably wondering, “What is weeding?” Weeding is the term used to describe the process libraries use when removing books from their collections to make room for new books.

“The benefits of working with Better World Books are many. We are able to recycle items donated to our library and purchase new books with the steady stream of income provided by BWB. We love that BWB keeps these books from landfills by sending them out into the world.” 

— Michelle Berger, South Brunswick Friends of the Library

But why buy former library books? 

Next time you’re shopping on our site, keep an eye out for “Former Library Book” in the condition description of used books (seen in the image below). By giving a forever home to a former library book, you can provide funding to our library clients, save a book from a landfill and help us to donate to those in need. Former library books can be especially helpful when purchasing books for the little ones in your life, as many come with laminated covers keeping them clean and in good shape for years to come. 

“It’s icing on the cake that many of the kids’ books BWB sells come from public libraries, which means the dust-jackets on hardcover editions are laminated and perfectly protected from curious and energetic little fingers.”

– Hannah, Better World Books customer

And while we’re on the topic of libraries, a special congratulations to our library partner, Anaheim Public Library, for being named 2021 United States Library of the Year for its commitment to safely serving residents during the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

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